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Monday | 09-24-2007 | Everything is new!

Everything is new!In case you've asked yourselves what the hell we're doing all the time, then you can admire a small part of the results right here: We've got a brandnew logo, which finally looks like In Exile and Metal (a huge thank you goes to the designer Johannes L'hoest!!!), and, as you've probably already noticed, a completely remade homepage!

Besides, we retreated into the exile to work on new songs, get the DVD from last year's Todtenwiesen Open Air ready, design T-Shirts, and so on. So when you're not hearing or seeing anything of us for some time, it's just because we've got so much to do putting all our new ideas into action!

And in order to make the wait a bit more comfortable, we've just been confirmed again for this December's Rocking Christmas!
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