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Wednesday | 06-20-2007 | Dortelweil In Flames

Dortelweil In FlamesLife is a good place to be. Only two days remaining, and we'll be sharing the stage in front of the Brunnencenter in Dortelweil (sic!) with the guys and girls from Arven, Suck Says and Die Omas Knochen, rolling our eyeballs and thrashing some songs in to the hopefully starlit nightsky. And what's even better: The whole thing is for free, and nevertheless worth its money! And who knows... maybe you'll even get to hear some new stuff!

PS: If you still want to buy some special-price-tickets (5,50 Euros instead of 6.50) for the gig in the Nachtleben in Frankfurt in the package together with Chased Crime, then you can also do this on Friday!
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