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Wednesday | 10-25-2006 | Lots and lots of news

At first, a fucking huge thank you goes out to Emily, who isn't (like we have been told while we were eating some XXXXXXL-Schnitzel and drinking some √Ąppler) really contended with her work, but nevertheless took REALLY good photos on Friday 13th! You can directly regard the results in our galleries. And in case you were not there on Friday for some strange reason, and therefore missed this opportunity, you can now get to know our new drum monster a little closer. Apart from that you can now take a look into our renovated Band-Section, read last Friday's setlist, or - in case you're some Swedes, Greeks, Latvians or Frenchmen or in some other way not able to speak German - read our page in English (obviously, as you're already reading this...) And if you wanna know what the world outside wrote about our CD in the last ten months, just browse through our new Review-Page!
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